Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh Suzannah!

Isn't this the cutest vintage childs desk? I love it!
 One of my BEST and FAVORITE clients
is selling it at the Ironside Antique Mall. Her
shop is at the back of the antique store and
is called "Oh Suzannah" She has a LOT of
vintage decor and a lot more! If you love
vintage stuff like me, you will love it!
 Here's the desk...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Red Desk and some awesome news!

Hi Everyone!!

  I finished the desk I've been working on for a week! I also have some awesome
news. I was contacted by this awesome man who owns a HUGE studio in
New Braunfels and would like me to work with him on some furniture. I was
so touched and honored by his email. I went to go meet with him and was in awe
of what all he does. He is a master craftsman and has people from all over Texas
sending him furniture to fix and refinish. I have never seen so many different antiques
and furniture, some I've only seen in magazines. This man is living my dream, he works out
of an old antique red barn. I can't remember how big it is, but I think 5000 Sq Ft.
I could not believe how he rebuilds so many broken treasures and makes them
look like new! I mean some of this furniture is in pieces and he puts them back together
as if they were taken care of since day one. I will share more about this later this week,
as I want to get some pictures of the inside... Ok, here's the desk:

This desk is a very deep shade of red with carved cabriole legs. It has two glazes
which give it a warm and worn look. It measures 53 7/8 x 24. It also has a glass top
for protection and is painted on the back as well.


I noticed the white on the side and thought "what the heck"
it's carpet fresh from cleaning. There will be no carpet fresh on it
when its purchased. LOL

The back of the desk.

I'm working on an old antique kitchen island and hope to have it up by Tuesday. It is
one of my favorite pieces I've ever purchased.