Sunday, August 28, 2011

Antique Dresser and 3 drawer chest

Hello Everyone!

  I'm finally getting these pictures posted. I also wanted to let you know
I will start painting the desk with the most gorgeous details and cabriole
legs. I cannot wait to start painting the desk. Sue, I'm painting your stuff
as I type, I'm waiting on the primer to dry so I can start painting. I'm working
on getting some more accessories up for sale as well. I'm going to try and set
up my garage in a way where the accessories will be available for viewing
when you pick up your furniture pieces. Instead of "would you like fries with
that" I'm going to say "Would you like accessories with the dresser" HEE HEE!
OK, here they are.....

First up is the antique dresser with all the original hardware.
It measures 58 3/4 wide x 31 tall x 18 1/4 deep. It's a beauty!


The 3 drawer chest is also an antique and has all the original hardware as well.
The measurements are 38 w x 34 1/4 tall x 18 1/4 deep.


Have a GREAT day!!