Friday, August 12, 2011

It's done! Antique China Cabinet by Holman

She is a real beauty, so much detail and gorgeous hardware.
I have got to find a better place to take pictures so you can
see all the details in this piece. I also wanted y'all to know
I've pretty much have my garage cleaned out and finished all
my custom oreders so I am accepting 2 custom orders for
the month of August. I will try to take 3 to 4 in the following
months leading up to the Holidays. If you have not had me paint
one of your pieces before please call and I will let you know how
it works. Thank you to everyone and have a great weekend!

Click on pictures to enlarge.





  1. I love it, Diane. I wish I had room for this, I would buy this today!


  2. Hi Diane! So very glad you stopped by! You have done a beautiful job transforming these pieces. Your talent shines through! Blessings- Carrie

  3. I just purchased one just like this may I ask how much this one sold for??

  4. I just purchased this exact China cabinet for $60 plus I had bonus antique China in it. ☺☺☺

  5. i have the same holman china cabinet but cant find anything out about it can you help